HASHAWA CREDIT COMPANY Co. LTD is a credit Comany that is located at Kijijini Street, near an old Mwenge Bus Stop. The company begun to operate around 21 May 2015 with a soul purpose of providing Loan and helping business entrepreneurs to grow their business.

We provide Loan from Fifty Thousands (Tshs 50,000/=) up to Three Million (Tshs 3,000,000/=) and our interest and rates of return our fair depending on the type of Loan.

HASHAWA CREDIT COMPANY Co. LTD. services are available withing twelve (12) hour from Monday to Saturday, and our main aim is helping entrepreneurs to expand their business.

For more information about the Loans and interest provided by us "HASHAWA CREDIT COMPANY CO. LTD", go to Loan by clicking the link above name Sevices and then Loans.

We are the incorporation company that is registered with Business Registrations and Licensing Agency in May 21st 2015. We aim at providing loans to entrepreneurs.

We provide different vaiety of Loan to an Individual and group as long the client has satify all the necessary requirements.